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VAHVA Fitness

Advanced Qigong Demonstration by the Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan

By VAHVA Fitness on March 9, 2020

Advanced Qigong by Jiang Yu Shan, the Taiwan's master of monkey kung fu.

When someone can make a loud shout with the sound "e" that feels directly in a specific part of the head, you start to wonder "what the heck just happened"

The ancient masters developed various sounds and shouts for different purposes and to target different parts of the body. This is where everything got interesting and it didn't end there...

The ancient masters of Qigong learned to manipulate, control and rejuvenate the human body in ways that are still way ahead of "modern knowledge".

The masters understood that everything is connected and for the body to function properly, it has to be in harmony with everything else.

While the Western scientists learn to manipulate very isolated parts of the body with external substances and tools, the ancient masters went deep into the physiology by learning how to control the breathing, mental states and physical sensations of the body.

Your mind is the strongest force in the universe and your breath is the fire where all power comes from.

Nowadays people are depressed. Anxious. Everyone has ADD, BPD, OCD and what else. We don't control our minds anymore. Everyone is at the mercy of their mind, something that was never supposed to be in control.

We no longer know how to breathe and as a result need to overcompensate for energy from somewhere else (pills, sugar and stimulants etc.).

Rejuvenate the Body.

low qi squat

But what is Qigong? It is various Chinese health practices to rejuvenate and strengthen the body and mind.

The purpose is to cultivate Qi. Qigong literally means Qi-skill.

But what is Qi? For how we have understood it, it is the life energy, the life force, the VITALITY of the body.

The purpose of Qigong is to ultimately improve the health and aliveness of your body. To give you a clear head and unrestricted body. A body system that works as it is supposed to – something modern people desperately need.

In Qigong they know that everything is connected and one thing can easily affect another thing. The whole body system has to be rejuvenated and upgraded, it's not enough to use a pill to fix a mere symptom as in the Western medicine.

The vitality of the body is hard to track and measure but it's as clear as the sky when you see it. Some people are just full of life, energy and their actions have weight, whereas other people lack energy and lack the same intensity.

Not only that, in sports competition it's rarely the most skilled that wins but the one who has the most confidence behind every action. The one who has the relentless spirit that refuses to lose. This is what Qigong also cultivates.

It's not enough to look good, we also want to feel powerful and have an electric presence.

While the Western world focuses on symptoms and very superficial problems (I want to lose fat or build muscle), the Chinese Qigong cuts deep into the physiology of the human body. 

You will take care of your kidneys and entire intestinal tract. You will learn how to breathe, stand, walk, relax and even sleep. You will learn how to control your voice (it starts with your breath!) and how to generate power.

But not only that, the actual superficial results are also evident because your outer appearance is often a mirror of what happens inside of you.

The Qigong that we have learned from the master Jiang Yu Shan is some of the best body strengthening and mobility work that exists. It's very different from modern training which means you emphasize areas you have never emphasized before. This will be an edge for you and for us.

For example, Qigong is masterful in mobilizing and strengthening THE SPINE – something the modern training methodologies don't even know how to train properly.

The old Chinese proverb says: "You are as old as your spine". The ancient masters knew what they talked about.

There is Qigong and then there is "Qigong"

ancient qigong neigong

A lot of people consider Kung Fu just some fancy tricks with no practical application. People think Qigong is just some new age nonsense where the teacher will teach you how to find cosmic happiness.

Both true Qigong and Kung Fu are very different than what people think. In fact, this stuff you see the master do and the standard Shaolin monk stuff on YouTube are nearly incomparable.

There are commercial "hybrid" kung fu styles and then there are what the master calls "pure styles" from pure lineages. Pure styles are extremely practical methods of training that produce tangible results nearly immediately after you start doing them.

The only real problem is that this type of ancient training is way ahead of the mainstream's understanding of fitness and health.

In the mainstream methods, everything is external and superficial. The higher forms of training on the other hand are internal and incorporate the mind, breathing and everything else.

And the funny thing is that all of this "mumbo jumbo" is slowly becoming mainstream. Breathing is a trend now and there is actual scientific proof for why it is so important to breathe properly.

The same goes for meditation, mantras (affirmations) and the role the posture can have in your hormonal production. But all of this has already been known for thousands of years in Qigong!

The only difference is that all of this is way more developed in Qigong because they have tested everything for countless generations, whereas in the mainstream scene everything is still in the very beginning. There is still no pill or a substitute for "experience".

So in other words the knowledge is not the problem because it's already proven. The real problem is finding a good teacher because advanced training requires a superior teacher. It requires a master, not a "trainer".

While in the Western world you can become a personal trainer after a few months of simple studies, to become a true Qigong master you have to dedicate decades of your life to master the craft.

That's exactly what is required for true mastery. That's why we were very happy to find the master Jiang Yu Shan. A person with 40 years of experience in the field and with a very practical mindset who doesn't merely live in the esoteric world as many others do.

This video is only a tiny piece of what he can do. The world of pure lineage Qigong is extremely secretive and with a mere picture or a video demonstration it's not even possible to understand what is actually happening. But everything can be learned with guidance.

We are happy to tell his story soon and share his expertise with you. We are coming with a special course to teach the very foundations of Qigong (and a lot of advanced stuff) for you to help yourself.

Until next time.

vahva fitness

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Rejuvenate and revitalize the body with ancient Qigong methods and exercises. 

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