What You Can Accomplish in a Year

January 7, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

What happened in 2020 and what is going to happen in 2021. Here's what you can accomplish in a year if you really put your mind to it.

Clearly 2020 was not a normal year for anyone. The pandemic really changed our society and for many caused enormous physical, financial and emotional harm.

There are two types of people during the lockdowns:

1) Those who use the lockdown for their benefit. Who continue to work, study and train regardless of the lockdown. They see the lockdown as an opportunity to get better.

2) Those who let the lockdown affect them too much and go into a downward spiral of no exercise, poor diet and overconsumption of alcohol and drugs. People who create excuses not to do anything.

Obviously, you want to be in the first group. If you are not, it's not too late to change your way.

You simply need to find a way to thrive regardless of the circumstances and stay on track despite all the negativity. Staying positive is a skill.

Despite all the bad stuff going on in 2020, we had the most productive year we have had so far. Although the borders were closed, we still found a way to get to different countries despite the difficulties.

Where there is a will, there is a way. 

During 2020 we traveled to Taiwan two times - the second time during the pandemic when the borders were closed and the airport almost empty. Only due to the connections of Jiang Yu Shan we managed to get a special entry permit to the country (that wasn't cheap!).

We also spent two months in Russia, two months in Finland, almost a month in Croatia and in late October finally landed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Everything was difficult and risky – but we still did it because we felt like we had to do it. The pandemic was already making our lives hard, we didn't need it to make it any harder.

This is our advice to you as well – don't make the circumstances harder than they need to be.

The better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and the easier it is to stay positive.

We released 4 new programs / courses in 2020 and filmed 2 more.

2020 started by releasing Morning Routine 20XX - a routine that consists of Health, Mobility and Stability routines to help you stay healthy + strong and guard the mind against negative influences.

Since then, thousands have joined the morning routine and it looks like it was exactly what people needed during these uncertain times.

What you do and eat in the morning sets the trend for the entire day so make sure you master it best to your ability. It can be the difference between feeling good and being vulnerable to the negativity of the world.

After Morning Routine 20XX we did the next big project and spent a month in Taiwan filming Health & Fighting Qigong course by the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan.

The master calls it a masterpiece and we must say we created something special this time. Everyone has loved the course and has been amazed by the content.

From our experience, Jiang Yu Shan's understanding of breathing and the internal mechanics of the body are far superior to what you can find anywhere else online.

Wim Hof has done great work in the field and he is the master of cold therapy but in other aspects his knowledge is still limited. Nothing has brought our bodies more to life than learning The Breath of Mental Power (精神力量的呼吸) from Jiang Yu Shan.

After that, we spent the summer in Finland until we embarked on another journey to visit Jiang Yu Shan in Taiwan. This time everything was different due to the extensive restrictions.

We filmed 3 new courses of which two were already released last year. Internal & External Kung Fu and Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set. With both releases we made history in the fitness and martial arts world.

The Next Step and 2021

The next 2 courses we filmed but are still working on. These are big releases that should come out sometime in 2021. There is something for Qigong and something for Strength & Conditioning.

As always, we are looking forward to creating waves and the content of these courses will not be typical information, at all.

We will be spending 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which provides a very good environment for us to create something special.

In 2020, 90% of our time was spent on the filming, research and creating the new courses. In 2021 we will spend more time on content production and releasing new videos.

We have great and convenient facilities here and our brains are full of amazing discoveries and research we simply haven't had time to share yet.

In fact, 2021 already looks pretty amazing for everyone interested in high level Qigong and advanced bodyweight training.

With 20XX programs we have laid out the groundwork for many different areas of fitness. With Health & Fighting Qigong we provided the fundamentals for Qigong, breathing and more.

In 2021, we will bring only truly advanced training. Elite-level methods and protocols.

Stay tuned.

To make the 2021 best year so far, check out all of our training programs here.

For FREE classes/routines, please see adayofmobility.com and Warrior20XX.com/trial


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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