Abs Workout: The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

April 19, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Abs workout with effective exercises to specifically target the lower abs. Core training like this combined with a good diet creates the ripped midsection. 

The more work you put in any area of the body, the better results you will get as long as the work you put in is done in a smart and effective way.

This means that the more you focus on a certain body part, the stronger, more defined and more mobile the body part will be developed. This is 100% true for developing the abs.

A lot of people consider core training "accessory work" which means that they focus on the core in the end of their workout for a couple of sets by doing 1-2 different exercises. It's impossible to reach optimal results with an approach like this.

The midsection is more complex than many can imagine. There are lots of different muscles which have multiple different functions and all of these muscles have upper & lower fibers which all need to be properly stimulated to fully develop them.

This workout will focus on the lower fibers of the rectus abdominis muscle. Core training like this combined with a healthy lifestyle is the "secret" that produces the six pack abs.

There is no other secrets, magic pills or gimmicks to do it. It's just versatile training done right with the right nutrition.

For complete core training workouts and high level nutrition plans, check out Abs 20XX. It's our core training guide that comprehensively covers everything you need to lose fat and get a defined core musculature. 

Lower Abs Workout

Slow tempo knee raises: 2 x 6-12 repetitions

1.5 Knee raises: 2 x 8-14 repetitions

Leg scissors: 2 x 20-40 repetitions in total

Hollow squeeze: 8-12 repetitions

Advanced hollow squeeze: 2 x 6-10 repetitions

Rest 1-2 minutes between exercises and sets.

Knee Raises

knee raise for six pack abs

Knee raises are some of the best exercises for the lower abs and there are many effective ways to do them.

You can get amazing results by doing slow tempo full range of motion knee raises. Another great way is to do 1.5 rep knee raises where you stop half way up and then do an extra repetition.

The key is to keep your upper body stationary and only focus on the abs and legs. The most common mistake people do is to lean back by using their lats. Another one is using too much momentum (mainly their hip flexors) to generate the movement.

This way abs will get some work done but they aren't fully isolated in their full range of motion which creates poor results at best.

Leg Scissors

abs scissors

In the leg scissors move your legs up and down like scissors. Keep your upper body and abs stationary the entire duration of the exercise.

Leg scissors will focus on the different sides of the lower abs but you will also develop the hip flexors very effectively.

How straight you can extend your legs depends on the strength and mobility of your hip flexors, hamstrings and quads.

Hollow Squeeze

hollow squeeze for abs

Hollow squeeze is a special hanging abs raise where the whole purpose is to focus on the initial range of motion. Let your back arch and then squeeze your abs so that your lower back becomes flat (hollow).

The advanced version of the exercise is to lean back by utilizing your lats and arms and then doing the same hollow squeeze from a more horizontal position.

Keep your upper body stationary and use only your abs to conduct the movement (not the hip flexors). 


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