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VAHVA Fitness

A Perfect Bodyweight Workout for 4 Areas of Fitness

By VAHVA Fitness on October 29, 2019

Develop a complete universally capable physique by focusing on all the essential areas of fitness. This workout is perfect to do at home or while traveling!

If you look at the different ways of training and developing the body that the world has to offer, most of them offer mastery only in 1 or max 2 areas.

For example, some yogis are insanely flexible and mobile but they don't have much strength, power or cardio. 

Likewise, many bodybuilders are carrying massive amounts of muscle but tend to be stiff and poorly coordinated. Then, powerlifters can be insanely strong and skilled in certain lifts but that's where their proficiency ends.

Moreover, if you look at dancers or sportsmen, they are amazing at their craft but have a poor understanding of how their body functions outside the context of their art/sport and cannot really transfer from one domain to another.

What we are after is the ultimate. Not ultimate in terms of you must have insane levels of everything such as extreme flexibility,  extremely strength and extreme cardio (such as running marathons under 2 hours) but in terms of well-roundedness.

What we want to have is to be very good at everything: well-rounded in all the important areas of fitness while being able to adapt to any environment and learn new physical tasks quickly with ease.

The reality is that the specialist approach where one person can deadlift 1000 pounds but cannot run or a yogi who can twist his or her body into unimaginable shapes but cannot do much else, is a modern phenomenon.

"The original man" was the ultimate. Strong everywhere with the most adaptability – not forced and molded into one box to become an extreme specialist.

If you become extreme in one area, the other areas start to suffer. The original man couldn't afford that.

Training All the 4 big Areas of Fitness All at ONCE

In this workout, we trained everything we could because we were traveling and doing work in Shanghai, China and didn't have time to workout very often.

During traveling it can be a smart idea to just have one or two longer workouts than workout multiple times a week like you would at home. You simply don't have time to be training all the time, yet you want to stay in shape.

In this workout we cover:

  • Conditioning and cardio
  • Athletic stability training
  • Movement training
  • Mobility training

Normally, we don't recommend training everything at once and if you like the workout, you don't have to do all of it.

It's a lot smarter and more productive way to train when you focus on just 1 or 2 areas at a time. Not in just 1 workout but in general. For example, there are periods where we focus mostly on mobility and don't do that much conditioning.

It's a common mistake to never take time off certain exercises or forms of training because people are afraid to lose their progress in the given exercise. As long as you stay physically active and move the whole body, you should only see benefits from taking time off.

However, there are times when training everything as done here is a good idea.

Conditioning Workout for Warm Up and Cardiovascular Health

Some people swear by high intensity workouts and cardio while some neglect it almost entirely.

The truth should be somewhere in the middle. Cardiovascular health and stimulating the muscles in high intensity manner is something a healthy body needs for optimal function.

We used the Bodyweight 100 workout of Warrior 20XX as the "warm up". That workout is tough and truly awakens the body and spirit.

We did the workout for only 3 rounds which could be a quick workout on its own but for more advanced trainees the 3 rounds can also be a great "warm up" for a longer workout.

High intensity workouts like this have numerous benefits:

  • Burn fat and build muscle
  • Develop strength endurance which is vital for most sports
  • Improve cardiovascular health and conditioning

The most beneficial thing about Warrior 20XX workouts is that you are following Eero's pace instead of your own. The workouts are in the follow-along format and you just follow the lead.

A lot of people think they train hard and push themselves in the workouts but once they actually follow someone else's lead, they often quickly realize that they weren't working that hard or intensively after all.

The same happens in our MMA practice as well. Sometimes we think we are training hard but once we visit a new gym (like a Muay Thai camp in Thailand), we realize that we weren't training as hard as we imagined.

Maximizing the intensity of your training is one of the ways to maximize your results when it comes to this type of workouts.

Athletic Training to Develop Core and Hip Stability

Athlete 20XX workout exercise

In this section, we focus on stability training for the core and hips. The hip exercise (stability bent over leg raise) featured in the video also develops the mobility of the free leg.

The reality is that mobility and stability are connected - you are not able to fully develop mobility in a targeted joint without sufficient levels of stability in other parts of the body.

This required stability can be created with the floor, benches and walls but the highest level is to be able to provide stability with your body alone.

Stability training is a form of training that is poorly understood even by many successful trainers. The best strength & conditioning coaches in the world who train elite level athletes understand this very well though.

When it comes to athleticism and producing controlled power and agility, stability training is where the money is at.

Stability training looks easy but it's actually one of the hardest forms of training because you need to mentally so extremely focused, alert and patient to do the exercises correctly.

If you want to learn more about this kind of training, check out Athlete 20XX – it's the ultimate training program for building an athletic physique and it covers all of this in depth.

In the video, we also used a small dumbbell for the stability chest flye but in this exercise you can also use a water bottle or merely the bodyweight of your arm. The weight or even lifting the weight is not the point here.

In the exercise, you are merely using the weight to create disturbance which challenges the stability of the core and thus makes the exercise more difficult and effective.

Movement and Mobility Training for Limberness to Finish the Workout

crouching tiger movement 20xx exercise

Movement training is the best form of training when it comes to making the whole body mobile and limber. 

You simply cannot get similar results with typical mainstream fitness training that mostly promotes stiffness and lack of fluidity. Your body will also get dynamic and elastic meaning it can move in very supple ways.

The main idea is to learn how to coordinate the body as a whole with all the individual parts of the body working in synchrony and harmony.

Many of the movements aren't just a workout for the body but also for the mind. The activation of the central nervous system is very high especially when you start doing more complex and more mentally taxing movements.

The flow movements and other exercises that were done in this section are part of Movement 20XX online course which is our highly praised online platform to learn and practice movements like this.

In addition to movement training, we also covered mobility training (which is also part of Movement 20XX). Although movement training is extremely effective, it's not perfect (no form of training is perfect for everything).

You see, although full body movements train the full body, the body tends to use the strongest muscle groups of the body to perform the task at hand. Many times the weaker muscles get neglected because the dominant muscles dominate the action.

This is why many of the smaller and weaker muscles of the body require you to pinpoint them and train them very delicately to develop them.

You do mobility training like this to prevent injuries, "fill the gaps", improve performance and allow yourself to progress without hitting plateaus. 

The Asia Chronicles have Begun... Again

shanghai travel vahva fitness eero westerberg

We decided to travel the entire October in Asia. Shanghai was only the first stop. After Shanghai, we did a Muay Thai camp in Bangkok, Thailand (video coming out soon).

The main reason was to travel to Taiwan to visit our Qigong and Kung Fu master Jiang Yu Shan. We did extensive videos and articles on this last year.

We have learned massively already and our expertise has jumped to the next level in many areas of physical fitness.

Obviously, not all Chinese or Asian training methods are necessary golden but at this point we can see what actually works and what doesn't.

If we can get just one breakthrough by studying something new, we are more than happy having immersed in it. Luckily, we have had multiple breakthroughs.

Asia, in general, has lots of knowledge that hasn't yet truly arrived in the West. Yoga is great but Qigong has some secrets the Westerners have no idea of.

The Qigong we have seen here is something truly extraordinary and has a lot more depth than the Qigong we've done in Western countries such as Australia. 

Surely there are kung fu schools and Qigong teachers in the West but it's just a different level here. You need to have access to the right teachers (which are hard to find) who learned directly from the previous generation of masters.

The same happens with the food culture. There are great Japanese, Thai or Chinese restaurants in the West but 99% of them are not truly authentic and nowhere the quality you get here (in Asia).

We aim to take this ancient knowledge and export it to the West without sacrificing the essence or quality of the practice.

Excited to share more later. Stay tuned.

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