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VAHVA Fitness

A Day of Mobility

By VAHVA Fitness on February 28, 2019

We are hosting a new and exclusive online mobility class for everyone. The class is 100% FREE and will cover some of the best exercises for mobility.

This is your invitation to join our new and exclusive class on how to build mobility, eliminate pain and build high-level performance.

This is what we have been tirelessly working on for the past several weeks and are excited to show you. In this class you will learn some of the best exercises we have learned along the many years of traveling and studying health & fitness.

You are not just getting quick exercises with form demonstrations - this is an in-depth class with thorough explanations and instructions. You will be introduced to our methodology and learn what mobility is and how to develop it properly. 

Although YouTube videos are good, the entire platform has been optimized for quick-fix clickbait videos. There are countless videos on YouTube labeled as "FIX INSTANTLY" or similar that offer quick fixes to complex problems that never work.

We tried them in the past, you have tried them and everyone has tried them. Although some of them may produce a temporary relief (often not), they never produce lasting effects.

The reason they do not work is that you are not learning the proper methodology behind the exercises and the exercises are always simplified solutions to holistic problems (clickbait videos).

There is nothing wrong with YouTube videos per se (we have hundreds of them as well) but one 5-minute video cannot just go deep enough in any topic.

You should reserve an hour for this class which should already tell how deep we will go in this class.

This mobility class is for both beginners and advanced - we typically offer ways to make the exercises easier or harder depending on your level.

This is completely different from the mobility routine we used to provide for free a while ago - this is a real class with new exercises! We highly recommend to join this even if you are using the previous routine. 

This mobility class is for 4 types of people:  

  • Beginners looking for the best and fastest way to get in shape
  • Advanced trainees looking for something special and unique 
  • People who want to fix nagging and chronic pains and aches
  • Athletes who want to improve their performance and longevity

The exercises and methods you will learn here are also something you probably haven't seen before anywhere on the internet. To sign up for the next class, please visit ADayofMobility.com or click the link below:

Come Join Us For This FREE Mobility Class!

a day of mobility class
a day of mobility class

Did we mention that the class is also 100% free? it is!

Lack of depth in the fitness landscape is the reason why we decided to create this class and why we are going to bring more depth to the fitness landscape from now on.

For this class, we also partnered with Suvi Tuulia who is a personal trainer. She should bring more joyful energy to the class. She does a great job demonstrating the exercises although she hasn't done or seen exercises like this before. 

This was the first step of 2019 for us to bring something new to the world of fitness. We have a busy schedule for the rest of the year and you can expect more partnerships and mind blowing content in the future.

We are also working on a new training program and planning updates/upgrades to the existing programs

All of our programs will be different and emphasize different areas of fitness and movement which means there will never be "the best program" - it really depends on the person's level of fitness, goals and interests. 

Movement 20XX & Athlete 20XX will remain the foundational programs that will never grow old. The new programs will only go deeper into different areas.

To join the mobility class, please visit the link below. We will see you there!

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