5 Trickiest Crawl Movements That Will Challenge Your CNS

May 13, 2023 by VAHVA Fitness

The trickiest and hardest crawl movements you can do. Physicality is mentality, and if you want to develop your body, you also have to develop your brain.

In order to become a real mover or a great athlete, your central nervous system (CNS) has to be properly trained and developed. 

The more complex the movement, the more it requires from the CNS. 

For example, rope climbing due to the dynamic element and a difficult grip is a far superior exercise in regards to the CNS activity than the regular pull up. This is scientifically proven with different scans.

Likewise, the crawl movements we will feature here also require significantly more mind and body engagement than a regular push up.

When it comes to movement and athleticism in general, almost nothing is static. Everything is dynamic and everything is always moving. Life is like this as well.

For this reason, it's vital to develop your body and mind in the most versatile and functional way possible. The more your training mimics the reality of life, the better and more transferable it will be. 

For this reason alone, movement training becomes far superior to standard weight training which includes movements you could never even imagine any animal doing.

Disclaimer: these movements are advanced and very difficult. To get to this level, you need to master the basics. We cover both the basics (for absolute beginners) to a level like this (advanced) in Movement 20XX Method.

1. Lateral Lizard Crawl

lateral lizard crawl

The Lateral Lizard Crawl > When you develop muscles and brains capable of physical problem solving, your body will respond in interesting ways. 

The regular lizard crawl alone is challenging but here the timing, coordination and shifting of weight are even trickier. You need to find the wave of the motion.

What areas does it develop? Mainly your shoulders, chest and triceps but your core and hips are also working hard.

By practicing the lizard crawl, your spine actually gets mobilized incredibly well as well because it's constantly rotating and twisting. 

When it comes to building functional strength and mobility, the lizard crawl stands as one of the most effective and most difficult pressing exercises anyone can do.

2. Crustacean Crawl

crustacean crawl

Crustacean crawl is one of the few pressing movements that intensely stretches and activates your biceps. The bicep of the rear arm controls the elbow from collapsing and locking out.⁣

It's an unsymmetrical lateral movement same as the Lateral Lizard Crawl. Your core will be in a crunched up and rotated position where your obliques have to support constantly.⁣

The unevenness of the shoulders is not something your encounter often. One is elongated and the other has to work from a shortened position. This develops effective unconventional pressing strength and shoulder support.⁣

Movements that train uneven pressing like the Komodo walk, Lateral press, Floating scorpion and the Lizard crawl are good to master first. They are all part of
Movement 20XX Method and they all build advanced level pushing strength and control.⁣

3. Wave Tail

wave tail dragon movement

This dragon has elements from a fairly commonly known exercise called Hindu Push ups. You dive your head down like performing the push up but your hands are placed unevenly and only one leg is touching the ground.

With each dive you take a step forward and try to make your body move as a wave. The leg in the air is the tail that whips down as the last part of this whole body wave chain.

The more obvious benefit of the Wave Tail is the shoulder strengthening. Due to the wave like motion your entire shoulder area has to support you through a much larger range compared to just doing pike push ups or traditional push ups.

At times you also support your body with just one arm and you're sure to feel an intense sensation in your deltoids and triceps.

The specialty of this movement lies in the coordination.

To make your body behave like a fluid wave while moving forward low on the ground is a very challenging task. You need to be simultaneously aware of multiple different body parts and segments and to be able to move them in congruence.

Your spine will flex sideways, forward and backwards. In Qigong there's a concept called the “Dragon Body”. It refers to a soft and flexible body and this is exactly what great movement training can develop – a both robust and limber midsection, a body belonging to a true beast.

4. Chameleon Walk

chameleon walk

Chameleon Walk is a beast on another level. Here you are focusing more on unilateral strength and core stability.

You will develop the shoulders, triceps and chest thanks to the unilateral pressing, but your hips and core are also working incredibly hard to keep the body stable and from rotating (anti-rotation).

This makes the chameleon also a great core exercise. Your hips, legs and shoulders also need to stabilize.

The Chameleon Walk is basically a moving one arm-one leg push up sequence. The one arm push up alone is hard, but the chameleon walk takes it to the next level.

Mastering the one arm push up and the basic lizard crawl (covered extensively in Movement 20XX Method as well as the most advanced variations) will help you to achieve the Chameleon Walk which is probably the hardest crawl anyone can do.

5. Wing Whipper

wing whipper dragon movement

The Wing Whipper is one of the Dragon crawl patterns (All 5 Dragons are covered with in depth tutorials and routines in Movement 20XX Method).

 It’s the least tiresome in regards to pure strength. Nevertheless, it’s a very multidimensional movement that requires fine coordination to make it smooth. Wing Whipper’s main focus is on the limberness and flexibility of the spine and hips.

The starting position is an extremely low lunge position one leg fully extended back while the other is in the front bent as in a toe squat. The back is arched making this posture itself a great hip-flexor and abdominal stretch.

With every step your torso raises up allowing the back leg to come to the front under your body. This creates a fluid and continuous movement between arched and rounded spine.

Wing whipper is an excellent movement to mobilize the spine and stretch open the lower body with plenty of repetitions which also warm up and activate the muscles that are being lengthened. This dragon gets your body in the groove.

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Stay strong.


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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