3 Ways to Develop Mental Strength

September 9, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

How to develop mental strength and toughness. Physicality is mentality and your physical toughness is connected with mental toughness.

When it comes to results you are going to get in training or life in general, your mental strength plays a crucial role.

In fact, how much discomfort you are able to withstand has a direct correlation with how athletic, strong and muscular you can get. 

Most people claim they train hard but there are levels to this. A lot of people once they train with professional athletes often realize "Up to this point, I have barely trained at all".

When it comes to life, mental strength plays an even a bigger role and will dictate your success in your career (asking for promotions), relationships (go talk to that boy or girl) and life quality (risk-taking).

Here are 3 ways we have developed mental strength to succeed in both training and life.

1. Lifestyle and Travel

When we started VAHVA Fitness, it wasn't an easy smooth beginning. We were uploading videos every day to YouTube and spending lots of money and time to make it work. 

But we never gave up and after 6-9 months everything started to work out. Later, we started traveling the world and met all kinds of people from different cultures.

Traveling can be immensely stressful especially if you run a business and do coaching at the same time.

A great portion of your time goes to finding accommodation, food to eat and adjusting to the local culture, time zone and environment.

Then with the little bit of time you have left you will try to do your best to film, edit and publish content and do your best to help your students.

When it comes to opening the mind and self-discovery, traveling is one of the best things to do. In many countries we met scammers and even violent people which made our skin grow thicker.

Moreover, dealing with uncertainty and adapting to a foreign country is always a challenge.

2. Military

eero military service

When it comes to instilling discipline and mental toughness, there probably doesn't exist a better system than the military.

In the army, you will face an insurmountable amount of discomfort and stressful situations. In Finland it meant camping in freezing weather, executing complex task while being severely sleep deprived and physically exhausted.

The best part about the military is that it will reveal how much you can actually endure. You will discover that what you thought were your limits, are actually not your limits after all. 

You can be marching for 80 km (50 miles) with heavy gear in just 24 hours. Your body is already hurting bad after 10 kilometers. Halfway you start to limp and you still have so much to go.

Yet, somehow you manage to bear the pain and finish the march. 2 days later you are completely fine. What you think are your limits, are not your limits but phantoms of your fear and insecurity.

3. MMA & Warrior 20XX

Eero Westerberg training with professional MMA fighters in Dubai, UAE. This gym has many big stars like Gokhan Saki (top level kickboxing) and Bam Tuivasa (UFC) training regularly there.

When it comes to testing your mental strength and endurance, there probably doesn't exist a tougher sport than MMA.

In fact, there probably doesn't exist a sport that is so versatile and combines so many different attributes of athleticism and mental prowess. 

Mixing striking with wrestling and grappling makes the sport very well-rounded and 5-minute rounds with a relentless opponent makes everything test your mental and physical limits. 

MMA is something we have been doing a few years now and it has had a great impact on how we see and understand physical development. 

Strength, mobility, stability and flexibility are very important for athletes and martial artists but without having endurance, your body is incapable of performing well under pressure.

Endurance is probably the most important quality for an athlete. In Finnish, when people talk about "fitness" it often means just endurance. If your fitness is high, you have superb levels of endurance.

This realization was why Warrior 20XX was born as well. This way of training is incredible for improving endurance, developing athleticism, building dense muscle and burning body fat.

The big problem with traditional martial artists (we used to have this as well) is the lack of proper foundational athleticism. Many traditional techniques work very well but you also must be a superior athlete to be a superior martial artist.

Leverage and timing matter but all techniques ultimately rely on strength, power and balanced structure. Nothing in your body moves without the use of your muscular strength.

Most traditional martial artists lack conditioning and endurance which is a big reason why they will never be able to compete even with an amateur-level boxer.

New Course to Develop Mental Strength, Toughness and Discipline

We have added a new online course to Warrior 20XX as a free bonus. It contains all the lessons, wisdom and techniques we've acquired over the years in the military, MMA, Warrior 20XX training, traveling, lifestyle etc.

The reason we did this was that we understood that only a small portion of people were able to use Warrior 20XX for the maximum benefit.

Warrior 20XX style of training simply requires mental toughness to succeed and that's our primary goal with all of our programs: help you succeed and get the best results possible.

Warrior 20XX has produced amazing results for many individuals over the years but this new content will supercharge your results even further. Especially The 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp can be life-changing. You can change your body and mind in just 30 days.

In the course we are teaching and talking about instilling military-like discipline, building professional MMA fighter level mental toughness and burning the excess body fat to look like an actual athlete.

Now, Warrior 20XX is not just a fitness program, it's a system to change your life.

You can learn more at Warrior20XX.com


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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