The 3 Ancient Principles of Invincibility

November 26, 2022 by VAHVA Fitness

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan explains the 3 ancient principles of invincibility and success in the fighting arena.

In this new discussion, grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan shares the 3 ancient Chinese principles of invincibility and success in the fighting arena.

What makes grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan different from nearly all other Kung Fu masters is that he actually has an extensive background in fighting and combat sports winning many gold medals in Sanda and Karate MMA.

Right now, the reputation of Chinese Kung Fu is at all time low due to the delusional bad masters thinking they can beat legit MMA fighters. However, not all Kung Fu Masters are like this and not all Kung Fu is bad either.

You see, the world of Kung Fu is massive. Kung Fu is just an umbrella term for countless styles of fighting which includes Chinese wrestling, striking, grappling and so on.

grandmaster qigong explains body

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan in his home dojo and on the right he is attending the Karate MMA championships.

Kung Fu in other words is a term for Chinese martial arts. The individual style can be practical or not and the practitioner can be good or bad. 

Not all styles of Kung Fu (such as Taijiquan) are not even supposed to be practical because they are "internal styles" mostly for rejuvenation and building up internal power (qi).

Kung Fu practice also includes "Qigong" and there is no universal qigong either. Each Chinese martial arts style often has it's own style of qigong. Not only this, there exist different types of qigong: hard qigong, soft qigong, enlightenment qigong and so on.

The type of qigong you often see in the West is only soft qigong (the hard qigong has almost died out) and it's very poorly practiced. The real thing is a completely different thing and most people in the West have no idea what it is.

Qigong in the kung fu world is supplementary or foundational training to the martial artist similar to what strength & conditioning is to modern athletes. 

Qigong can be strength or mobility training depending on the type of qigong but the thing with qigong is that it covers areas that are not even acknowledged in most modern training methods.

Real qigong can go deep into your mentality, into your breathing, frame, grounding, hormones and even neurotransmitters. It's an ancient method for creating the complete and most powerful body machine.

The 3 Ancient Principles of Invincibility

In the discussion, grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan shared the 3 Chinese principles for success in the fighting arena but these apply to everyone in every faculty of life. Here they are:

1. 胆量 dǎn liàng -  Courage, boldness, guts

Danliang stands for courage but you can think of this principle as the "mindset". When it comes to fighting and competition, you need to be able to awaken your killer instinct and predator mindset to succeed.

This is what the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan calls the mindset of "no retreat, no surrender". It's the mindset where you burn your boats and have your back against the wall. You will either die or succeed.

This is all about self-belief and giving yourself no room for failure. You will go all-in and give to the task and competition all that you have without holding anything back.

In fighting, you have the killer instinct that invokes fear in your opponent. 

We all have these "survival instincts" inside of us but we just choose not to welcome them and we bury them deep into our minds. However, for success this is absolutely necessary.

Your mindset can be developed, your killer instinct can be awakened and you can build "a mind that is stronger than steel".

Qigong grandmaster explains how standing develops martial power Fa Jin

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan explaining power production, rooting and the power of The Grand Circle.

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan mentioned that he spent HOURS per training session in practicing The Grand Circle just to bulletproof and harden his mind to develop the "iron will."

The Grand Circle is incredible training for your mind but also builds the frame and develops rooting incredibly well.

We consider The Grand Circle one of the most beneficial and important aspects of Qigong.

However, developing your mindset does not stop there. There also exists actual techniques to awaken the killer instincts inside of you. In Internal & External Kung Fu course this is called "Four Ends" where we summon the killer instinct while maintaining control.

When we first saw this in practice, it was one of the most unique and rare things we had ever seen.

2. 力 lì - Power, force, strength

Life is about universal laws of reality and no one can overcome the laws of physics. You thrive when you use these laws best to your ability and respect them without having any delusions in your mind.

Physical power or prowess is one of them. It's a fact of life that size, strength and athleticism all matter and matter a lot more than many martial artists give credit for. 

We never had this delusion in our minds and neither did grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan. Yet, many martial artists believe they can succeed by skill or mindset alone.

Little do they understand that most professional athletes would be able to beat many martial artists who have decades of experience if the professional athletes just learned how to do a simple jab or cross.

This is especially evident among wrestlers who tend to have some of the strongest bodies and minds out there. It's common for a wrestler to just learn a good jab and an overhand right and they start knocking out almost everyone in MMA.

Why is this? It's simply because athletes tend to have a superior level of athleticism and physical prowess. This fact alone can bypass the skill of many martial artists. 

lohan gong with iron rings

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan teaching the Lohan Gong with the use of iron rings (not actually needed but useful).

However, once you give respect to the body and mind, then you become a real formidable opponent to anyone walking on Earth. To be the best martial artist you can be, you have to maximize your athleticism and physical power. 

No amount of skill, techniques or dirty tricks will change this fact. This is a rule of reality and in nature the strong prevail. Like where do you think the power comes from? It comes from muscles - leverage only multiplies this power.

All of our programs and methods are perfect strength training for martial artists and athletes. Inside grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan's courses, many qigong methods are also excellent for increasing testosterone, physical power and energy which all matter.

For example, Lohan Gong is all about building a powerful frame. The Golden Bell will make your bones as thick and strong as they can be. The Grand Circle will develop rooting and further solidify your frame.

3. 功夫 gōng fu - Skill, art, kung fu

The last thing you need is the skill. Your physical power and mental power are simply more important... but skill component is still crucial and necessary.

Inside Internal & External Kung Fu we will learn about punching, kicking, blocks, fighting tactics and strategies to succeed in competitions, on the street and in life-or-death scenarios. For people who want to learn how to fight, this course is the best.

The other courses (Health & Fighting Qigong, The Grand Circle, The 24 Warrior Set) are excellent even if you have zero interest in actual fighting because these courses are all about the first 2 principles: building a will stronger than steel and developing an iron body.

Fighting Qigong is not about actual fighting - it's hard qigong that is designed to prepare your body and mind for fighting. See the difference? It's supplementary training. Excellent for anyone who wants to improve their physical structure and strengthen their mindset.

I hope you enjoyed this new video and article. The world of Kung Fu & Qigong is vaster and deeper than people can imagine. 

People see a little bit and think they know everything... yet they know nothing at all.

We had lots of experience and knowledge in Chinese martial arts prior to meeting grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan but only after we learned the real thing, things started to click.

Suddenly everything Bruce Lee ever said and showcased made more sense. We suddenly realized where he got his timeless insights and wisdom from. Bruce Lee had knowledge of the authentic side of Chinese Kung Fu and Qigong which few people have.

To join this path of self-discovery, please visit to learn more.

Stay strong and never stop striving for more.


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