“100-day qigong and semen retention can lead to spiritual enlightenment”

March 17, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan talks about spiritual enlightenment, sexual transmutation and different Qigong cycles (30-day and 100-day) to strengthen and purify your being.

Nowadays, a lot of people have distrust towards old knowledge and do not see the value of tradition. We have noticed that this has created two major problems. 

The first one is that people are unwilling to learn from mentors and as a result try to invent the wheel by themselves.

In the fitness landscape, we experienced this first hand with modern calisthenics ("street workout") where young kids created a workout methodology with very little guidance from the veterans. The result? Broken joints and broken dreams.

From the get-go, we always consulted people who had more experience and knowledge than us. In strength & conditioning, we went through books/courses and learned from individuals such as Charles Poliquin and Steve Maxwell

We also researched the old school strongmen, bodybuilders and influential figures of physical culture such as John Grimek, Max Sick and Joseph Pilates, just to name a few

Later, we got deep into the world of Shaolin Kung Fu we had been interested in since we were young. We learned ancient Qigong and ancient Kung Fu from the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan which was an important step in our development.

By enormous study, research and mentorships we have been able to bridge the gap between modern training and the wisdom of old knowledge. We believe the ultimate is the combination of both.

The second problem is over-reliance on scientific studies and the status quo. A lot of people frequently disregard the entire value of traditional knowledge because it hasn't been proven by science yet. Or actually... it hasn't been accepted by the scientific community yet.

In fact, some people don't even dare to try something unless it is "scientifically proven" by peer-reviewed studies. If you are anything like this (even a little bit), you will like this article a lot... so keep reading.

Instead of training the body in a way that has worked for centuries, people go to surgeries to fix their problems. Instead of learning how to control the mind, people take "medication" – something one hundred years ago no one needed to feel happy and whole.

Even one of our early mentors, Charles Poliquin, believed that studies were often decades behind. He was doing many things right in the 90s that were only proven by studies in the 2010s.

The best trainers in the world are scientific (trial & error) but they are not study-based. If you train 100% according to scientific studies, you will become a robot. This is true for anyone who is considered the best in their field. 

In art and sports scientific studies are severely lacking because they are hard to conduct. Despite this, different coaches clearly produce better results than others and their methodologies work despite lacking support from the scientific community.

For example, dance, martial arts and gymnastics are centuries old and they developed clear progressive methodologies without being supported by a single study.

Is science bad or wrong? No, but over-reliance is the problem. Scientific studies are merely a tool in a bigger toolbox. They support existing methods more than they lead.

No serious trainer bases his or her entire training philosophy and methodology on studies alone. Experience and skill (what people nowadays call "broscience") is equally if not more important.

Training is more an art than a science and you need to feel more than you need to think.

Next, let's discuss how the modern world has started to understand the value of ancient Qigong. This is our (VAHVA Fitness) opinion and research related to the topic.

Breathing - The Good and The Bad 

In the field of breathing, Wim Hof has done incredible work popularizing ancient breathing methods and not only that, he has done great work conducting studies where the significance and impact of breathing techniques has been scientifically proven.

For example, a study conducted in Netherlands showed that breathing techniques can control and boost your immune response and sympathetic nervous system. All of this can cause anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Before this, science didn't even believe in the fact that the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system can be voluntarily influenced.

Wim Hof is the most famous for popularizing the Tibetan Tummo breathing – a technique designed to boost the "fire" in the body. Nowadays, you see people practicing it daily and sometimes passing out

This is what happened to Jake Paul. This popular influencer passed out and broke his nose doing Tummo breathing. Be careful, some of these techniques are very powerful.

Jiang Yu Shan warned about Wim Hof's breathing strategy in this video because building too much "fire" in the body can have negative health consequences over time (especially with your heart). 

In Qigong, everything has to be in harmony and balanced. This is the optimal state for health and performance. If you look at Wim Hof, he is often very energetic and excited which is usually a clear example of too much fire build up in the body.

We also believe focusing too much on the Tummo breathing techniques is a bit crazy as well. After earning the black belt in Qigong and self-defence from the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and mastering the art of breathing, it doesn't make sense to us anymore.

If you have mastered the fundamental breathing techniques such as The Breath of Mental Power 精神力量的呼吸, there is simply zero need to do these intense fire techniques on a frequent basis. 

If you are overly stressed and need fast recovery – yes, it's a good technique. Or if you need improved performance by boosting the fire element – do it when you need it but preferably not every day.

It's like going to sauna, ice bath or having an intense workout every day. It's not smart or necessary.

You see, there are lots of breathing techniques for different purposes. The most important technique to master is fundamental breathing and then use the other breathing techniques according to your need.

For example, in Health & Fighting Qigong one of the techniques is a body strengthening breathing technique that trains your entire spine in a very rigorous manner. The master recommends people to avoid this technique if they have heart problems.

Most people don't know this... what harm could breathing cause to your body? Well, a lot if you are not properly educated.

Then there are techniques to calm the mind, improve your oxygen capacity (performance) and even purify the lungs. Master the breath of mental power first and then use the other techniques when needed.

How Posture Affects your Entire Physiology and Mentality

In 2021, a social psychologist Amy Cuddy made waves with a Ted talk when she talked about how body language shapes your confidence and ultimately your body chemistry.

It was shown that different postures can increase your testosterone, lower your cortisol levels and affect your neurotransmitters.

People were blown away by this knowledge and discovery. Like wow – you can actually control your biochemistry and neurotransmitters by standing differently? 

And it is true. Different "power poses" increase your levels of testosterone. Just smiling improves your mood by releasing dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. 

It turns out, how we move our bodies can influence how we feel and see the world – How we ultimately act in the world. It is this powerful. Physicality is mentality and vice versa.

Here is a very comprehensive list of numerous studies that show how your body posture is linked to your brain and body. In one study they studied hatha yoga and found out that the cobra posture of yoga raised testosterone by 16% and lowered cortisol by 11%.

But let me tell you one ancient secret... In Qigong they have known this for centuries and probably for a millennium. 

Not only this, they have developed this understanding and method for centuries and reached a level where modern science is still decades if not centuries behind.

In Internal & External Kung Fu the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan taught us how to produce "self-induced rage" so when you need to fight, your body and mind are ready to perform in the snap of your fingers.

This exercise is morphing your entire biochemistry and undoubtedly boosting various neurotransmitters. What's more, you have the power to develop this technique further and further.

Eventually, when you fight, you will have total control over your emotions and all the emotions will be working for you (not against you) which is the most important thing. 

Your emotions can turn you into a superhuman... or make you totally useless in a life-threatening scenario. Mastering your emotions through proper practice is a must.

For us, this was mind blowing to witness and eventually to learn. But this was only the tip of the iceberg.  The ancient masters had discovered other postures to stimulate the body in other unique ways as well.

Many of these we cover in the new course "The Grand Circle" which goes deep into the standing post (Zhan Zhuang) method. This method is a lot deeper than people think and assume.

Unless you try it by yourself, you cannot even fathom the power of these methods. You can be in pain and stressed beyond belief but then you do a session of standing practice and your mind and body will restore and soothe itself.

In addition to this, some postures can make your mind focused. Some calm. Some even give you a feeling of nobility. Amazing stuff.

How to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally with Ancient Knowledge

When it comes to boosting up your testosterone naturally, the proper body alignment and posture make a major difference. However, this is only the beginning.

In addition to breathing techniques and proper posture you will also need to add the last two ingredients... one is found in The Golden Bell and the second one is found in the Qigong Cycles.

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan teaches two types of Qigong cycles to the public: 30-day and 100-day Qigong cycles.

Both are extremely powerful and can have a great impact on your life. These cycles are demanding and include daily Qigong practice, breathing techniques and major changes to your lifestyle, diet and sexual habits.

Not to reveal everything to the public regarding the Qigong cycles, we will only talk about one of the elements of these cycles: sexual transmutation.

Sexual transmutation is something the ancient masters have practiced for millennia. It is present in almost all religions including Taoism, Buddhism and (Orthodox) Christianity.

In the West, Napoleon Hill, a massively popular author who made his lifework to study successful people, started talking about sexual transmutation in his famous book Think and Grow Rich (1937).

Napoleon Hill talked about how controlling your sexual drive can lead to amazing results in will-power and performance. Men with a strong sex drive can move mountains if they need to: "Love, Romance, and Sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement".

Hill believed that one may rise to the status of "genius" through sexual transmutation. For example, Nikola Tesla (an inventor you may have heard of) abstained from sex to come up with better ideas with electricity.

Hill also stated that men rarely reach higher levels of success until the age of forty. According to Hill, this was due to the fact that young men don't yet know how to control and direct their sexuality and sexual emotions.

We are ultimately driven by our emotions and sexual desire is the strongest of them all. Control this emotion and you can control the universe.

The only problem with Hill's book was that he didn't give any practical techniques or knowledge how to do this... he was only talking about why it is extremely important (if not the most important thing).


zhan zhuang yiquan xinyi jiang yu shan

Right now, there are communities that have discovered the power of sexual transmutation. Forums and Reddit boards exist with hundreds of thousands of members who are doing "no fap" which means abstaining from porn and masturbation.

There are thousands of anecdotal evidence of people experiencing deeper voices, more energy, calmer minds and better body compositions after abstaining from ejaculation.

This has also been confirmed by peer-reviewed studies: a study from Zhejiang University (2003) found out that men's serum testosterone levels were increased by 45.7% on the 7th day of abstinence from ejaculation (masturbation or sex).

That's powerful. In the study the scientists learned that in order to increase testosterone levels (for men), 7 days of abstinence is the minimum.

Semen retention has been proven to work scientifically through studies and anecdotally by people leaving thousands of experience reports. The only problem is that the modern "no fap communities" lack complete knowledge.

Many of these people abstain from all sex, porn and masturbation for months or even a year. In the new course, The Grand Circle, we cover sexual transmutation but that's only one part of the bigger puzzle.

To maintain good sexual health and erectile function, you also need to do proper maintenance of the sexual organs. This becomes important when abstaining from ejaculation for long periods.

Moreover, your diet and what you do during the abstinence also make a massive difference. This is where the ancient Qigong forms and breathing techniques step in.

30-Day Warrior Cycle and 100-Day Transformation Cycle

Combining sexual transmutation with the power of ancient postures, breathing techniques and the proper lifestyle change, is by far the most powerful combination for personal transformation and enhancement that we have come across.

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan covers two different Qigong cycles: a 30-day cycle and a 100-day Qigong cycle.

The 30-Day Warrior Qigong Cycles:

Boxers have been avoiding sex before a fight since the early 1900s. Even Freddie Roach, the best boxing coach in the world recommends his fighters to abstain from sex for 10 days before a bout.

For a long time, boxers have said that having sex makes you less aggressive and weakens the legs. Well, now you know the full reason why it's better to avoid ejaculation before you have a fight.

These 30-day warrior qigong cycles are incredible preparation for a fight, competition or just for increasing testosterone. You can even do them before having a negotiation, interview or any stressful event and it will be massively helpful (done and tried).

Semen retention is only one part of it. Forms such as Lohan Gong also involve intense breathing, muscle contractions and the strongest postures to elevate your testosterone and fighting spirit.

When you combine the Lohan Gong with The Golden Bell (which involves even more components), you have the most powerful recipe of boosting up your testosterone levels to the max.

The Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Set is a more advanced, more complex and many times longer sequence with similar benefits. Most people will be happy with the Lohan Gong but the Monkey Fist Door Warrior Set is for those who want to reach the highest level.

In addition to the 30-day cycles we have something even more powerful...

The 100-Day Qigong Cycle:

100 days is enough to bring you to higher levels when it comes to understanding yourself and your mind. Those who want to gain monk-like discipline and internal power, can do the same cycle for 3 years or longer.

Monkey Qigong 64 Breathings combined with Microcosmic Orbit is something special and hard to describe in a few sentences. This is for the purpose of health, strength and spirituality.

This 100-day cycle is by far the most powerful tool for personal transformation that we have come across. There is no way you will be the same person afterward (go and try and see it for yourself). 

100 days is already enough to renew the cells and molecules of your body. Mind, body and spirit will be totally renewed.

This is an intense exercise for discipline (semen retention), focus (Microcosmic Orbit) and physical practice (Monkey Qigong 64 Breathings). 

This is the next level. You probably have heard of bits and pieces of this everywhere... a lot of people know about sexual transmutation and such but no one has shown the complete and real method behind it.

This is the information you may have been searching for all these years from different religions, books and ancient texts. I believe it's here.

This is where it gets deep when it comes to Oriental spirituality and Eastern practices. From discipline, focus and physical practice you can cleanse, renew and upgrade yourself to a whole new version of you.

This is not for everybody but maybe it is for you.

Learn more at WarriorNeigong.com

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