10 Different Plank Exercises

January 14, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

10 different plank exercises to develop a powerful midsection.

Plank is an important position to master because the support strength is needed in many different exercises like push ups.

One of the key functions of the core is to provide stability and support. Stable core is necessary to produce power, because the power you can generate is directly correlated with how much support and stability you can provide. 

Abs 20XX core & diet guide is all about developing the strong balanced core that will allow you to do amazing things in any field you are interested in.

Many fitness experts and athletes often say: "It's all about the hips and core!" and this statement is 100% true.

Strong obliques will allow you to produce rotational power which is needed in most sports and martial arts, whereas the strong supportive abs will grant you a good stable base to produce that power.

Once all the muscles of the core get strengthened properly, the size and definition will follow. The disproportionate reason why people are skinny fat is because their entire core musculature is not actually that strong. Diet is only half of the puzzle.

Some parts of the core might be strong and allow you to function, but 90% of people have MANY weak links in their core. Unless your core functions like in this video, there is lots of work to do.

Train hard, stay safe.


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